INDUSTRYOUS Photography by Tom Ridout.

Tom Ridout is an award-winning photographer based in Toronto. Since founding Industryous Photography, he has worked with architects, landscape architects, engineers, interior designers, builders, and developers to capture the outstanding qualities of their projects.

A professional designer for over thirty years, Tom applies his experience as a landscape architect and urban designer to his architectural photography. His understanding of design and the built environment informs his approach. He brings a high degree of professionalism to each project, establishing his client’s priorities and schedule, and delivering images promptly and efficiently.

Tom’s architectural photography is further enriched by his artistic practice. His fine art photographs document the extraordinary aspects of the everyday built environment, and include series on warehouses, industrial structures, storefronts, and remnant buildings. His work has been exhibited extensively and has received numerous photography awards.

With every photographic assignment, Tom is attentive to structural form, space, and the dimensional qualities of light. His photography emphasizes clarity, precision, and the fundamental beauty of the place, while retaining the authenticity of the image.

Industryous clients are comprised of a variety of professional and commercial clients.

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