Bell Gairdner Estate

Location: Mississauga, Ontario

The Bell Gairdner Estate was constructed in 1937 by the well-respected firm of Marani Lawson and Morris. Featuring a 3-storey manor house and adjacent coach house, the sprawling site stretches South from Lakeshore Road in Mississauga, down to the mouth of Joshua Creek and the Lake Ontario shoreline. The buildings are situated on a ridge, allowing the manor house to have a full view of the lake even from the basement level. Originally owned by Charles Powell Bell, the buildings eventually landed in the hands of the City of Mississauga. City Planners, foreseeing a future gem for the city, kept the building on life support, continuously repairing the damage of vandals and limiting the mold and deterioration. Eventually, a preservation plan was developed that would support the beautification of the buildings and site, while providing a financially sustainable income for the property. The conversion of the site to a multi functional indoor and outdoor wedding space/public park was a logical solution for the project.